Valletta Ritson & Company :: Process

The search process at Valletta Ritson & Company is designed to provide clients with a unique service experience. Our programs are custom designed to align with our client’s organization, culture and requirements.

By combining a tailored search strategy with our proven methodology, Valletta Ritson & Company clients can be confident of a focused, predictable process and consistent results.

In each engagement, we apply a targeted search strategy, in-depth market research and our assessment expertise to identify and recruit the ideal talent for the position. Research and candidate development is conducted through our in-house staff leveraging proprietary industry and academic resources. All research methodologies utilized by Valletta Ritson & Company adhere to the highest of ethical standards.

At Valletta Ritson, each engagement is handled by Valletta Ritson Principals. Throughout the course of an engagement, the assigned Managing Partner acts as an accountable extension of our clients’ company—providing constant updates, meeting metrics and collaborating with the client’s hiring team. This level of service has translated to high client satisfaction and retention over the years. 75% of all engagements represent additional assignments from existing Valletta Ritson & Company clients.

Recent Engagements

> General Manager, Interconnect

> CIO, Higher Education

> VP, Human Resources, Semiconductor

> Chief Financial Officer, Distribution

> Dir. Sales & Marketing, Medical Device

> Director of Economic Development

> Director, ASICS R&D

> Executive Director, Nonprofit

> Group Controller, Electronics

> Segment Manager, Biotechnology

> Director of Global Logistics

> VP, Operations, Capital Equipment

> VP, Software, Electronic Content

> IT Manager, Manufacturing